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  • Who We Are

    Agvance has been in business for the past 25 years and we pride ourselves in being a market leader in the trace mineral nutrition industry for a wide range of livestock / farm animals, namely dairy cows, horses, deer, goats and sheep.

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  • What We Do

    We produce a wide range of mineral formulations designed specifically with your dairy herd in mind. Such custom blends address mineral deficiencies that can lead to animal health issues i.e.: lameness, facial eczema, infertility, metabolic diseases, somatic cell problems and infectious diseases etc…

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  • How We Work

    We can also manufacture a complete range of totally customized mineral feed premixes for addition to maize silage or any other bulk feed supplement. We provide you with access to qualified people to give advice related to farming in the specific areas of soil, pasture and cattle or livestock health.

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  • Why We Do It

    Sprayable trace element formulations are ideal for application by truck, helicopter or standard sprayer equipment. These can be fully customized to requirement or can be supplied in a standard blend such as SprayTrace or Biotrace. We also provide exceptional service.
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  • Innovation through customization

    Customizer is an innovative new computer programme from Agvance that will completely revolutionise the way you supplement your herd.
    Customizer enables vets and qualified animal nutritionists to formulate custom mineral and vitamin blends specifi cally for your livestock
    and have them delivered directly to your farm.

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High Quality Mineral Nutrition for Cattle and Livestock

In order for a dairy cow to remain healthy and maintain peak production, she must be supplied with a balance of vitamins. All the necessary minerals are found in the natural diet of cattle, however, because dairy cows are usually limited to just a few types of grasses, some vitamins will always be deficient. Our highly productive modern grass cultivars combined with modern fertilizer practice can also lead to high levels of crude protein, with low fibre and energy levels.

Balanced mineral nutrition is critical in the digestion of protein, with each vitamin having a direct role in the formation and utilization of each amino acid in the total protein matrix. Minerals are in fact essential in every function within the body of the dairy cow, as with all other living creatures. When looking at nutritional balance for cattle or any other livestock it is important that no vitamin or group of minerals is focused on in isolation.

Minerals are not utilized by the body one at a time but are used in combination with other minerals, triggering and sustaining complex reactions in association with vitamins, amino acids, sugars and fats. It is important if looking at nutritional supplementation that the correct combination and form of mineral is given.

Minerals in the incorrect balance or form can limit the uptake or even cause the excretion of other important nutritional elements.


  • Calcium:

    Vital for the growth and strength of bones, 99% of the calcium in the body is contained in the bone. The bones act as a reserve for calcium; both releasing calcium into the bloodstream and storing excess calcium back to the bone as stimulated by the body's hormone balance. Calcium along with magnesium controls the muscle contraction and release mechanism within the body. It also plays a role in the formation of a number of enzymes, as well as protein formation and digestion.

    Other Mineral Co-Factors:
    Magnesium, boron, phosphorous, zinc and manganese. 
    Phosphorous can play both a beneficial role in calcium uptake
    at adequate levels and an antagonistic role at high levels.
    Likely Deficiency: 
    Adequate on most New Zealand dairy farms due to adequate 
    lime applications over the last few years. 
    Uptake can still be below optimum in spring growth conditions 
    due to competition for uptake with phosphorous, 
    potassium and nitrogen.
  • Magnesium:

    This element plays a very important role in the relaxation of nerves and muscles. The balance of magnesium performs an important role in utilization of calcium, through the formation of calcitonin, which carries calcium into bone and parathyroid hormone, which releases it from bone into the bloodstream. Magnesium is also important for converting sugars into energy. As with calcium, magnesium is classed as a macro element, which means that it is required by the body in reasonably large quantities.

    Other Mineral Co-Factors:
    Boron, calcium, copper and phosphorous.
    Likely Deficiency: 
    Most New Zealand soils supply adequate levels of magnesium 
    for good animal health and performance, however due to 
    high levels of phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen present
    in pasture, livestock are often still magnesium deficient. 
    Many New Zealand soils are seriously depleted in some of 
    the other beneficial co-factors such as boron.
  • Phosphorous:

    Plays an important role in most of the physiological chemical reactions in the body. It is critical in the formation of bone and teeth. Helps to regulate heart and kidney function.

    Other Mineral Co-Factors:
    Important minerals involved in the optimum utilization of 
    phosphorous are calcium and boron.
    Likely Deficiency: 
    Normally adequate on most well fertilized New Zealand dairy 
    farms, but can be seasonally low in some areas. 
    More commonly this element can be too high in pasture;
    this leads to deficiencies being
    created due to antagonism with other elements. 
  • Potassium:

    This element helps to regulate the fluid within the body cells, 98% of the potassium within the body is contained within the cells. Potassium also helps to transport nutrients throughout the body, as well as being one of the key elements used to send messages throughout the central nervous system. It also helps transport oxygen to the brain as well as regulating heartbeat and other muscle activity in the body. Much of this element is flushed from the body each day and therefore needs to be replenished.

    Other Mineral Co-Factors:
    Potassium is closely tied to sodium in its cell functions; 
    therefore it is important these two elements are maintained 
    in balance.
    Likely Deficiency: 
    Extremely unlikely to be deficient to the point where it could 
    cause animal deficiency. New Zealand dairy pasture has an
    overabundance of this element, which can sometimes
    lead to severe dietary deficiency problems
    with magnesium as well as manganese.


Paul Clausen 350 Cows, Gordonton

Our farm has a well consolidated peat soil in the Gordonton area. We started using Solutrace products in December 2003, so we have now been on this product for nearly one year.

Wayne Ford 475 Cows, Hamilton

We farm on peat land on the edge of Hamilton City; mineral deficiencies can be a real problem in our area, particularly copper and selenium.

Kevin Davidson 1400 Cows, Hawkes Bay

Plantation Road Dairies Ltd farms a 340 ha effective flat irrigated modern dairy farm milking 1400 cows all year round. The farm is nestled alongside the Waipawa River in Central Hawke’s Bay and has breathtaking views of the Raphine Ranges. 90% of the farm is free draining Takapau silt over red metal. We have used Solutrace Amino for a couple of years now. Over time the product has been adapted to our personal requirements owing to our intensive farming system. We dissolve the daily requirement into water by using a wash down hose in the front end loader bucket each day and add to the mixer wagon. It is a very simple system and it enables a little mineral to be effectively mixed through an 8-12 ton load.

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