Agvance is one of the largest and broadest based mineral importers in NZ. We provide a complete range of solutions to on-farm needs, across fertiliser and animal feed. Supporting vets and farmers to achieve improved, sustainable results.

Expertise across pasture, soil & animal nutrition

Agvance understands that successful farmers want to balance their soils and improve their animal health.

In 1987 Agvance established a working relationship with Ballance Agri-nutrients. Agvance specialised in the supply of high-quality trace elements customised to the exact requirements of individual farms. These were then added to the base fertiliser components supplied by companies such as Ballance Agri-Nutrients. This close relationship has now been in place for nearly 20 years.

Twenty years ago the NZ dairy industry identified a need for mineral blends suitable for dosing through water systems and drenches. Agvance met the challenge and carefully developed cost effective, mineral blends suited to the purpose.

Agvance have continued to develop specialised blends containing chelated minerals, vitamins, and even amino acids. These targeted solutions effectively overcome specific deficiencies that can lead to animal health issues.

Smart Science & Innovation

Agvance is focused on delivering the best farming support available. We act on scientific fact, based on years of on-farm experience in applying mineral and vitamin supplements to meet animal health requirements. This drive for farming success includes developing first-to-market innovative software.

Since the early 1980s Agvance has been a step-ahead. Leaping forward to today, Agvance is still introducing the latest technology available. We utilise software that allows for efficient quoting, manufacture, and tracking of product blends and materials.

Agvance Customizer is a fully-featured feed and mineral formulation program. It has become an exclusive and essential tool for vets and animal nutritionists. Customizer enables Agvance, working with vets across NZ, to deliver highly customised solutions for Kiwi Farmers.

Agvance: Success. Together

We are motivated by a passion to serve our clients, keep your animals healthy and productive, and to keep your costs down through delivering innovative products and more efficient systems.  Agvance remain a passionate family-run business, operating with national scale and years of experience.

Get the best advice and the right products. Talk to your vet about Agvance products, or contact our team directly.