The Agvance Philosophy

"We believe a balanced soil leads to a balanced plant, ensuring the animal grazing the plant is also nutritionally balanced"

While this may be more easily stated than achieved in practice given modern feed and fertiliser practices, we believe with correct farming practices it is still achievable. With some help from a good nutritionist along with correct planning and decision making, the farmer can still ensure that each mouthful of feed is at optimum nutritional levels. In order to achieve this under modern farming systems will require the careful balancing of each step in the process, from balancing soil nutrient levels, to making correct decisions on the blend of crop and pasture fed. Where purchased feeds make up part of the diet, some thought must be given to adding these in the correct form and ratio, taking into account the other feeds in the system, the animals requirements based on stage of lactation, size and breed, productive capacity, among other factors.

Getting all these factors in balance will ensure that even in these hard economic times the farm will run as cost efficiently as possible. Correct soil balance will ensure that nutrient loss will be minimised while keeping the soil at peak nutrient levels. Correct feed balance will ensure that animal health issues are minimised, while peak production levels are maintained. Doing these things correctly will further ensure that each dollar spent will get the maximum return.

In the past farmers have employed both fertiliser consultants and nutrition consultants, without giving any thought to how advice in one area impacts the other. Agvance is unique in respect that we have consultants that can combine advice in all of these areas. Our consultants can look at the nutrient status of the soil and pasture and then combine fertiliser advice with feed nutritional advice in order to get the most cost effective and sustainable end result.

Agvance has

  • Qualified soil consultants.
  • Qualified nutritional consultants.
  • Been supplying New Zealand farmers for over 35 years in both of these areas.


  • Recommendations are made on soil and plant test data, and are based on the most up to date soil science and best industry practice.
  • All recommendations are supplied in writing and give up to date costings for each individual product recommended, as well as detailed specifications for each ingredient.
  • Within every recommendation we look to supply the most cost effective fertiliser and mineral elements most suited to your soil type, base fertilisers are sourced from a number of fertiliser companies’ dependant on quality and price.
  • We have the technology to put in place an effective ongoing soil fertility program, one that will monitor your soils ongoing health, year by year, and only apply the nutrients needed.
  • We do not charge consultancy fees, we only charge for the products we supply, you only pay for what you get. There is no ongoing contract, you can opt out at any time.
  • Agvance has been in the fertiliser business for 35 years. Some of our clients have been with us for all 35 years.

Animal health

  • Agvance has a comprehensive range of services available in the animal health area.
  • We can supply comprehensive computer generated feed recommendations, mineral premixes, and soluble mineral supplements. These blends can be customized by your vet using our "Customizer" online computer program, over 90% of NZ’s large animal vets currently use our Customizer program.
  • Your vet can monitor issues on the farm, as well as blood and liver tests in order to ensure that your herd is getting the perfect balance of minerals from the blend.
  • Agvance works with vets to identify potential on farm issues before they become a problem.
  • Every quote done and every bag supplied, is delivered with full data sheets and clear labelling identifying every ingredient and elemental level per dose.
  • Our blends are the most cost effective at every level, the farmer doesn’t just get total vet backup, but can be assured of receiving the best pricing in the industry.
  • Agvance partners with BASF Germany to bring farmers the best quality mineral amino acid chelates in the world. Our chelates are backed by the largest chemical company in the world, offering cutting edge technology and laboratory testing backup.
  • Agvance has been manufacturing the industry leading Solutrace range of mineral blends for over 18 years. Added to this we introduced the industry’s most innovative mineral formulation and data tracking software (Customizer) 9 years ago.
  • Solely due to the scale of our operation we are still one of the few companies that directly imports its own ingredients, testing every ingredient, and manufacturing all end products in our own factories.

Other things to consider:


Agvance has the most efficient tracing system in the industry, within minutes our computer system can track every ingredient in any product back to source. Our online computer program monitors specification sheets, along with routine batch sampling and analysis of every product received, it then tracks each product through the entire manufacturing process.


Anyone using an Agvance blend can be assured that the formulation they receive is accurate, and good manufacturing practice has been used to produce it. The client can be sure that what shows on the label is what is in the blend. We do not produce mystery blends that give partial information or no label information as even well formulated blends are potentially dangerous to your stock health if you don’t know what’s in them. The label data ensures the farmer and his vet are always fully informed as to what each animal is receiving.


Any Agvance consultant is well informed in most areas of mineral nutrition and has the resources available to offer the best advice. We know the science of minerals and can supply comprehensive research on all deficiencies, animal diseases, and different mineral types and interactions. We will always match the correct mineral form to the diet, taking into account unique soil type requirements, or issues prevalent to the farm. We can in every case supply the scientific reasoning to back up our recommendations. Our object is to sell the farmer the most cost effective solution to meet his herds requirements, in so doing we hope to retain each of our farmer clients as a happy customer for many years to come.