Updates on Mineral supply and COVID-19 Management

Update 24.03.20

To our customers and suppliers,

As Agvance supplies products which are critical for animal health and welfare we will be manufacturing and dispatching orders as an essential service. However we are taking extensive steps to protect our staff and do our bit for stopping the spread of COVID-19 in our community. This will most likely increase days to delivery and it may restrict availability of certain products.

  • Park in the designated signposted car parks (x2)
  • Use the phone number boldly displayed on the fence to either phone or text your order
  • You must clearly identify yourself on the phone and give details of the order
  • Do not leave your vehicle
  • Your goods will be delivered to your vehicle
  • When you phone you will be asked for your name, number and residential address, and we will register you in our visitor register.

For the coming 4-week period commencing Wednesday 25th March, our agents will no longer be going onto farms or other sites for meetings, however we remain available on the phone or via video conference options. Please call your Agvance representative directly with any questions, or contact our office on 0800 BALANCE during normal business hours.

Update 20.03.20

To our customers and suppliers,

As the situation regarding COVID-19 continues to develop, Agvance Nutrition Ltd. would like to assure you that we are constantly monitoring our supply chain position and raw material availability. We will keep all our customers informed directly of any potential issues that affect our ability to supply products to you.

Supply Chain Management

Recently we have had a number of calls from farmers concerned about the supply situation. World-wide supply systems are under extreme stress. Many minerals coming out of China are still in very tight supply. Some factories are now back open but are running a skeleton staff with strict conditions around exposure. The tight supply out of China is also affecting European supply, particularly vitamins.

Agvance has been receiving reports from our suppliers across the world since late December. Hence, we have watched this situation unfold in real time. Having identified the risks to supply we took very early steps to cover our requirements of all key minerals and vitamins. Based on normal monthly production we pre-purchased significant volumes of mineral and vitamin well in advance.

We are however conscious of reserving adequate minerals for our regular customers, and ensuring adequate quantities of stock are available to produce finished blends. In order to maintain certain ingredients, please be aware that we have been forced to suspend the sale of a number of our single ingredients, where these are key components in our blends.

Health & Safety an ongoing priority

The health, safety and wellbeing of our staff, representatives and wider community is a priority. Our staff and agents are following Ministry of Health guidelines for best practice hygiene and social distancing. This includes additional cleaning regimes, thoroughly washing hands, avoiding hand shaking and standing at least 1m apart from others. In addition, our team is restricted to domestic travel only.

Our agents will ask permission prior to conducting a meeting with you and will respect the protocols and requirements of the institution where the meeting is to be held. We are also setup for Zoom conference meetings if an online meeting alternative is your preference.

We hope that you, as valued customers and supply partners, will not take offence with any precautions our staff are taking, and if you have any concerns please relay them to us promptly.

Agvance will continue to keep you informed on any potential supply issues. In the meantime, we are pleased to be operating well and meeting the requirements of our customers. If you do have any questions, please call our office or your Agvance representative, and we will be happy to help.

Chris Balemi
Managing Director
Agvance Nutrition