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We can supply a wide range of soil testing and assessment services. Agvance has had a long association with Brookside Laboratories...

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Agvance supports the growth of Certified Organic Farming in New Zealand with a complete and customisable range of approved minerals.





The Agvance Philosophy

We believe a balanced soil leads to a balanced plant, ensuring the animal grazing the plant is also
nutritionally balanced.

While this may be more easily stated than achieved given modern feed and fertiliser use, we believe with correct farming practices it is still achievable. With some help from a good nutritionist, along with correct planning and decision-making, the farmer can still ensure that each mouthful of feed is at optimum nutritional levels.

  • Supplements and Vitamins for Dairy Cattle

    We understand that your cattle are not simply animals you tend to, they are your livelihood. That is why it is crucial to ensure they remain in the best health. For years, we have been a trusted provider of minerals for dairy cows in New Zealand, sourcing the best quality mineral supplements and vitamins. We take your dairy cow’s nutrition and health seriously.

  • Leaders in Dairy Cow Nutrition

    Providing a dairy cattle minerals supplement that suits your specific needs, we can assist farmers in keeping their cows in the best health. With the right nutrition and the correct vitamins, you can help to prevent a number of deficiencies, such as infertility, metabolic diseases, lameness, infectious diseases, facial eczema and more.


    We have a wide range of mineral supplements that suit the needs of every farm, in every corner of the country. We encourage all potential customers to get in touch with our friendly staff to find out more about how we can assist you in maintaining a high level of nutrition in your herd. Call us to speak to one of our knowledgeable staff, or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Vets & Animal Nutritionists - Login to Customizer here


Vets & Animal Nutritionists - Login to Customizer here


I milk 360 cows on 108 effective hectares on peat soils near Puketaha and have been using Robin Boom for 20 years who has been advising me on fertilisers using Ballance fertilisers and Agvance trace elements. I have also been using Agvance Solutrace minerals blends (Amino and CuZinc) feeding them direct to my cows for 18 years and am very happy with both the advice from Robin and performance of animal minerals. Liver biopsies from cows have always shown excellent levels since using Solutrac mixes. Farm production is up to 162,000 MS (1500 MSha), largely off home grown feed – clover based pastures and maize. Visiting farmers and consultants often remark on how much clovers are in my pastures compared to other farms in district.

Paul Clausen 360 Cows, Gordonton

We farm on peat land on the edge of Hamilton City; mineral deficiencies can be a real problem in our area, particularly copper and selenium. We have used Solutrace formulations for years, with excellent results. Since using these products, our cows have always looked in good health with shiny coast & have never shown any deficiency symptoms you would normally expect on peat land. Our submission & conception rates are excellent & our cows always produce exceptionally well. Using Solutrace is a breeze, being in totally soluble powder form they are very easy to handle & go into solution instantly on contact with water. For us, these products are a quick simple cost effective way of taking care of the trace mineral requirements of our cows.

Wayne Ford 475 Cows, Hamilton

Plantation Road Dairies Ltd farms a 340 ha effective flat irrigated modern dairy farm milking 1400 cows all year round. The farm is nestled alongside the Waipawa River in Central Hawke’s Bay and has breathtaking views of the Raphine Ranges. 90% of the farm is free draining Takapau silt over red metal. We have used Solutrace Amino for a couple of years now. Over time the product has been adapted to our personal requirements owing to our intensive farming system. We dissolve the daily requirement into water by using a wash down hose in the front end loader bucket each day and add to the mixer wagon. It is a very simple system and it enables a little mineral to be effectively mixed through an 8-12 ton load.

Kevin Davidson 1400 Cows, Hawkes Bay

I farm 72ha milking 240 cows at Newstead next to Dairy NZ’s Lye Farm, using a nil nitrogen fertiliser regime. Robin Boom has been providing fertiliser advice for 3 years and during this time I have seen our pastures improve and clovers return. In last year’s drought (2015) which is one of the worst the Waikato has experienced, our farm was noticeably greener than surrounding farms including Lye Farm as shown in the pictures. Our cows are currently producing 620 kg MScow (2066 kg MSha) using predominantly clover based pasture and maize silage grown on the milking platform, and our goal is to get production up to 700 kg MScow. We have been using Agvance minerals in with our base fertiliser and Robin has customised an animal mineral blend provided by Agvance for feeding our cows which goes into our TMR mixer and fed in the animal shelter barn with our maize silage.

David McConnell 240 Cows, Newstead

I farm 320ha at Horsham Downs milking 830 cows and have been using Robin Boom for soil fertility advice and have been using Agvance trace minerals for our cows for many years. We have been very satisfied with the advice Robin has provided and the Solutrace mineral blends from Agvance for animal health.

Neville Henderson 830 Cows, Horsham Downs

For the past 3 years, we have been using the Global Vets in clinic chelated mineral mix which is manufactured by Agvance. The product is good quality, easy to use and is cost effective, meeting our mineral requirements. We milk 360 cows, which each consistently produce about 422kg milk solids and have a live weight between 450 – 500kgs. Production & reproduction has increased since using these minerals while lameness has reduced and the sematic cell counts have been the lowest ever over the season. Overall the cows are looking good and do not look mineral deficient. We have found the agent, Joel from Agvance very good to deal with and working in conjunction with the vet, we have received good mineral advice and service. We would recommend Agvance.

Craig Clausen 360 Cows, Hamilton

I have used the Agvance Solutrace minerals through my inline water dispenser for the past 2 seasons & seen good results, achieving low empty rates & reduced animal health issues. I am very pleased with the Agvance product.

Richard Worth 180 Cows, Morrinsville

I have used the Agvance premix minerals through my inline mineral dispenser on my in-shed feed system and the Agvance product has worked well. In winterspring I use the macro elements, magnesium, salt, calcium as well as the Agvance Solutrace minerals & monensin in the mix and I get good levels into cows, as well as being able to put in what I want for a cost effective price. Through the summerautumn zinc was added and gave good facial eczema protection through the high spore counts of this season.

Brock & Janine Fiske 320 Cows, Ohaupo

Started using Agvance minerals more than a year ago. We started using the Premium Blend from Global Vets but changed to the basic mix which is adequate for us. When we do blood tests at the end of each year, all our results are in a healthy range without deficiencies.

Phil Whitechurch 500 Cows, Gordonton

I get my trace minerals from North Canterbury Vets here in Culverden, they are cost effective, purchased by the bag, containing good levels across the board. Since changing to Agvance (2yrs ago) I have had great liver results, very easy to use - having to no longer individually mix my own traces together. Appreciate the service of my local vet, good product. Cheers!

Matt Hamilton, Sharemilker 420 cows, Culverden Canterbury

It has been awesome to work with the Customizer program for the past 8 years. We have many customers in the Culverden region using your minerals & they are very happy with the results, with many repeat orders occurring. It has taken a while to use the new program, but is it generally straight forward and it keeps a good history on previous orders used. We have built up a good relationship with Agvance and enjoy working with Shaun & Canaan (Agvance agents) who are enthusiastic and do a lot of work behind the scenes. Delivery has also has been reliable direct to farm. Overall your minerals are very good & repeat business says it all!

North Canterbury Vets - Culverden, South Island

We are absolutely impressed with the Customizer program that we have been using since 2009. We also appreciate the consistently great service, advice and help we have received over the years from Agvance. We use the program to produce custom in clinic blends specific to our region, along with other blends that are targeted to individual clients’ specific needs and budgets. Our clients are also very satisfied with these products. Through testing, we are pleased with the consistently good trace element levels we are achieving in comparison to some other competitor standard blends. What we are doing is working!

Galatea Veterinary Centre - Frank van der Gulik, North Island

We have been using the Agvance Customizer computer program since 2009 and have found it very easy to use. Best thing about it is we can tailor the mineral mix to suit the requirements of the farmer & his cows. Our clients are happy using product that is personalized and designed specifically for them.

Taranaki Vet Centre Ltd, North Island

We have been using Agvance minerals for 6 years now and seeing good results in our cows through this time. We use our local Paddock Vets trace minerals and have noticed a significant difference in the recent changes to Copper Glycinate from Copper Sulphate. It is much easier on the nose and eyes for our staff dosing. It has been a great spring so far, hopefully mating will follow suit!

Phil & Donna Lowe - Dairy farmers in Methven, South Island

We are using Agvance minerals through Selwyn Rakaia Vets & RPM. Our cows were in top condition going into calving this year and mating is going well. Field agent; Canaan, has been involved in looking after our fertilizer program for the past 3 years. This season we have consistently grown above 70kgha DM since mid September and the grass quality keeps improving - the cows have peak milked at 2.47MScow and our latest herd test came back holding 2.3MScow with less than 100kgcow supplement. We are well on our way to a cracking season, cheers.

Rob & Jack Mackie - Mackie Farm - 795 Cows in Dunsandel

I use the Agvance minerals supplied from my local vet, in the dispensor and am happy with the results. Cows are happy, healthy & performing well.

Mark Barr - Te Awamutu

We farm 180ha with 830 cows. I have good results from blood testing. Our Premix minerals are always spot on and I cannot fault my agent Shaun, who’s worked with me through the 3 years of business.

Nash Massey - Oaks Dairy - 180 Hectares & 830 cows, Canterbury