Sustainably boost
milk production

Early lactation puts a cow’s body under intense pressure. Significant hormonal and digestive changes are involved in producing milk. Key nutrients such as calcium, phosphorous and magnesium help meet the demands of milk production.

Lactating dairy cows

Providing the cow has been transitioned well (fed the correct balance of minerals & feeds) she will come into lactation with little risk of developing metabolic disease, such as milk fever. She will also have developed the rumen function that will enable her to eat a full quota of grass each day, and efficiently convert the nutrients obtained to produce the energy required to drive milk production.

A good feeding plan

During this period it is important that a cow receives all the feed she can eat in order to maintain condition, produce milk and drive the hormones required over the coming weeks to become pregnant again.

Ideally this feed provides the correct levels and quality of protein, sugar, fibre, essential vitamins and minerals. In reality, due to lack of sunlight in the spring, as well as the use of plant cultivars that are bred to grow quickly and produce bulk feed rather than nutrition, most feed provides poor quality protein, lack of fibre, and low mineral levels.

It is essential that a lactating cow receives the correct balance of minerals, and possibly additional high quality fibre, in order to balance her diet during this critical period.

The best mineral support

A wide range of mineral salts suitable for feeding cows post calving are available. These can be custom blended to the exact requirement of each herd, taking into account the ratio of feed in each ration and then calculating the nutrient levels required to balance the ration.

To balance your herd’s diet through lactation talk to your vet, or the Agvance team, about supplementing with a complete Lactation Mineral Premix. In addition to fully customised options, Agvance works with your vet to provide a range of targeted, standard lactation premix options. Ideal to support the cow throughout lactation. Get in contact to find out more.