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of Livestock Feed Supplements

Ensure your animals are kept in optimum physical condition with our complete nutritional solutions. We supply a broad range of mineral supplements to livestock farmers throughout New Zealand. We stock all the essential vitamins to treat common nutritional deficiencies in NZ sheep, dairy goats, and cattle. We sell a range of trace minerals and vitamins that can be ordered directly from us. Most ingredients are available and sold in 25kg bags.

Every farmer knows it’s not always possible to feed your livestock the complete nutrition they need all year round. Yet complete nutrition is an important part of ensuring good produce. Supplements have long been employed as a way to combat this, however we have taken the concept to the next level with products that can easily be amalgamated and distributed over a wide area.

Nutritional Minerals for Dairy Goats, Sheep and Cattle

There are numerous advantages in supplementing livestock feed with essential minerals. These include:

Improved Fertility and Calving: When used in the right combinations, supplements can help improve livestock birth and mortality rates. For sheep, swine, cattle, and goats, certain supplements can also improve the health of newborns.

Improved Overall Health: Livestock that receive a nutritionally complete diet have been shown to carry more weight, enjoy a longer lifespan, and have far fewer instances of digestive upset or disease.

Higher Quality Produce: At the end of the day, providing quality minerals for your livestock results in better produce. Whether you raise animals for meat, wool, or dairy, ensuring they are in optimum nutritional health will radically improve the quality of your product, ultimately resulting in a better bottom line. So whether you farm cows, swine, sheep of goats, we have supplements to ensure the health and wellbeing of your animals. Please contact us on 0800 225262 to discuss your requirements

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