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Using the right mineral combinations for your specific farm and herd requirement is important. Any mineral employed must also be in the correct form. Ensure you are utilising high quality chelated minerals as part of an effective mineral solution.


These are specific minerals (metals) that have been manufactured in such a way as to attach the mineral to a fully hydrolyzed amino acid protein. Formed into an amino acid chelate, the mineral is protected so rumen bacteria and enzymes cannot degrade it, and other unbound minerals in the rumen won't attach to it and cause it to be excreted prior to absorption. Because the body identifies the amino acid attached to the mineral rather than the mineral itself, the mineral along with the amino acid is able to be absorbed directly to the cell. In this way the attached mineral can be utilised to its full potential.

Access to superior production technology is required to ensure the chelation process is performed correctly and a high quality end product is produced.

Unlike amino acid chelates, minerals in inorganic form are often poorly absorbed, poorly translocated through the body, and can often interfere with the uptake and utilization of other essential minerals during digestion. Inorganic mineral forms are often stored in the organs, - primarily the liver, kidney, and spleen - until such time as the body can absorb a portion of them, the rest being excreted.

Organic minerals (minerals attached to amino acids) are both translocated throughout the body more efficiently and can be stored more efficiently, storage to almost every cell in the body is possible when using the correct form of mineral chelate.


Agvance mineral blends are primarily based on key chelated mineral components; transported directly to each cell of the body, and being of the highest absorption and availability to your animal.

Both inorganic and chelated mineral forms do have a role to play, depending on the specific requirements of the farm and animal. Applying the forms effectively provides an ability to target the different mineral types to utilise organ storage. Some rumen availability can also help feed microbial populations, and also trigger different metabolic processes - cobalt to B12 synthesis for instance.

Agvance understands the science of minerals, and the importance of detail. Every Agvance blend is fully itemised on the product label. Labels clearly show the form of each mineral used, as well as the milligrams in each form being dosed to each animal. You should expect nothing less.